The Creative Bundle by Seth Kravitz

How to Truly succeed as a Creative (even if you're a newbie)

If you want to run your own creative business, but you're full of doubts, concerns and don't know how to start... well, then this could well be the most useful book you'll ever read!
In fact, it's not really even a book - it's a supportive mentor course.
 It's like having a personal career coach at your side, guiding you with advice, info & exercises to help you get the success you want :) 

For all creatives

Whether you're a photographer, a blogger, a designer, an artist, a cake decorator, a font creator, a crafter..... 

This is the perfect book for any creative soul, to get you on the right track to success!

"But can it really help me?"

There's lots of content out there, lots of advice, and many experts saying they can solve this and that problem for you. But more often than not, that 'solution' is often kind of the problem too.
Because when you're starting out, there's an incredible amount of overwhelm. And the overwhelm & overload of information from thousands of sources can just be too much.

Here's a little of what you'll discover...

  • How to discover the real source of your passion and unleash the creative in you - even if you've never created anything before

  • How to refresh your thinking on your creative aims - the whys & hows that you might not even be aware of.

  • The one thing you should NEVER do when assessing your creative business goals (Hint: It's the first thing most "pros" tell you to do)

  • The key to unleashing the resources you've already got - and the real source of power in an entrepreneur's arsenal.

  • How to progress through tough times, even if you feel like you're stuck 'compromising' all the time (Hint: it's easier than you think)

  • Why you need to refresh your passion and rethink how you're approaching your creative niche - and how often you need to do this.

  • The best way to remove those doubts & fears - and how not to get trapped back into those negative cycles again.

It's not 'just a book' you're getting

The book is crammed full of useful tips & advice for you to get yourself on the right track.
But inside the book, there are worksheet exercises & questions dotted throughout. All designed to mimic a real-life coaching session with me.... Having a cuppa coffee together and strategizing for YOUR business
Exercises & questions that will get to the heart of YOU & your business goals.... Which will help you discover your inner passions, and release your inner fears.
Worksheets that will challenge you to rethink what kind of a creative you want to be, and the way you want to run your business...


“ a confidence booster that really helped me to not only discover my niche but find a more empowering mindset when it comes to working with clients and knowing my worth. I would recommend this course to all creatives and freelancers!"
Lucy Valnicek, Lifestyle Photographer
“ I loved this book! It really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about my business and where I was going wrong. Such a great support to have - thank you! ”
Jo Crawford, Beauty Blogger
This Is What I Need!

Bonus time! You're also gonna get...

Once you've worked through this book and absorbed all the info & advice it has to offer, you're going to be chomping at the bit to get out there and start creating!
That's where The 30 Day Creative Challenge comes in, which I'm including for free with The Happy Creative Book!
The 30 Day Creative Challenge gives you 30 (could you guess!) different daily ideas on how to fire up your passion and even try something new.
Designed to be started on any day or any month, it's a fun-filled package that challenges you to do something different, no matter what your creative niche.

Bonus Number 2!

With all your newfound knowledge of yourself, your business, your passion, your skills, your incredible fierceness (oh yes, you'll learn this and so much more in the book)....and with your creativity at an all-time high after the inspirational 30 Day Challenge....'re gonna want to get out there and book some clients!
And that's where The Client Qs comes in. An entire workbook dedicated to helping you discover your ideal client. And helping them realize just how much they need you & your awesome creative skill!

Knowing your client helps so much!

With the ability to really get to know & think like your client, you'll be able to:
  •  answer their questions before they even have to ask
  •  remove any of their worries about booking you
  •  understand their budget & how you can bring them value
  •  focus on what they truly want from a session/relationship with you
  •  understand their real reason for wanting your product
Get Your Bundle Now

All of this for $5.95!

  • The Happy Creative  - a packed mentor book that outlines how to truly succeed as a creative. It's full of advice, exercises, action plans & motivational pep to get your creative business in the right space. 

  • You're also getting the BONUS - The 30 Day Creative Challenge, to inspire your creativity & find new passions to challenge you.

  • On top of that, you'll also get BONUS #2 - The Client Qs - the key to getting inside your client's head, so that you can provide them with their perfect solution

Money Back Guarantee!

And if you don't feel like the bundle has given you value, then let me know within 7 days and I'll give you back your money! You don't even need to send the Bundle back!
All I ask is that you're fair with any refund request you make x
How does that all sound? I'm hoping pretty good!


The Creative Bundle

(With special Bonuses!)

The whole Happy Creative BUNDLE is yours to grab right now at this low price!