Portfolio to Profit by Laura Orlando

How to make your Portfolio work to the MAX for You

Even if you think you've already got it sorted!

Is your Portfolio your friend?... Or foe?

You've got a portfolio. Sure.
But is it actually working for you, or against you? 

10 steps to the best portfolio for you!

Lots of creatives get this step wrong - but that's where Portfolio to Profit comes to your rescue.

You see it's not about the work you've done. Or the level you're at. It's about how you prepare & market your work. And if you're not doing it correctly, then your dream clients are going to pass you by.

In this book, I'm going to give you 10 easy-to-follow steps to make sure your portfolio becomes your new secret weapon!

How can this help?

I've worked with hundreds of creatives like you - helping rebuild portfolios from scratch, concentrating on what really matters & removing the 'fluff'.

And here's a hint - the 'fluff' is never what you think it is!

The advice in this book has worked for web designers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, writers and more - let it work for YOU too!

Creatives have found amazing clients via these methods.

And I've also worked with Amazon, BBC, ASOS and more to build their creative force - so take advantage and let me support you too! :)

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Portfolio to Profit

Easy to follow steps to ensure your portfolio is the absolute BEST it can be!

Don't just 'stab in the dark'. Get tried & tested methods, and craft a portfolio to change your business for the better!