Pricing Made Easy

How to easily price your photography, and never feel stuck with client charges again!
- even if you hate doing math! 

Does any of this sound familiar?

You're frustrated not knowing what to charge clients.
You feel like you're never earning what you're worth.
Your value being ignored by your clients....and by yourself.
You're tired of not having a proper structure to your pricing.
You know you're giving away too many products with every session.
You've ignored pricing because the math part is too difficult & time-consuming to work out....

Change the way you price, forever!

Don't worry - Pricing Made Easy is the solution!

If you're a photographer who ever feels 'stuck' on what to price your clients, then this system will turn your business around

All the formula & spreadsheets have already been done for you! There's absolutely NO MATH for you to do - just work through the course, input your numbers when prompted, and discover what figures you need to start making profit, today!

More than just pricing

You'll be guided step-by-step through the course to reach the perfect jumping-off point for charging your clients.

This system gives actual strategies & concepts that will work for you now and for the future
And what’s more, it's easy to use! 
There's an eBook, worksheets & several ready-to-use spreadsheets to do most of the hard math for you - yeay! Simply enter your numbers when prompted and the spreadsheets will calculate the numbers you need :)

Use again & again...

There's absolutely no 'right or wrong' with this course. And there's no hard rules to follow either. 

Everything is designed to work individually for YOU, at any and EVERY stage of your business.

You can come back to this course in 6 months' time, 1 year, 2 years... and simply by tweaking your figures you can keep growing your business and discovering what prices will work for you.

Just some of what you'll learn...

  • How to properly calculate the costs of your time & services
  • How traditional concepts of 'value' can lose you money
  • How to re-evaluate what you offer to clients to keep everyone happy
  • Why so many photographers concentrate on the wrong aspect of pricing - and how you can focus on the numbers that really matter to you
  • The different Aims you have to keep in mind, and how each is equally important in your success

What you'll get...

A fully-packed course, talking you through each stage & guiding you along all the concepts & strategies.

A whole bundle of spreadsheets, ready-to-use and with all the formula all done for you! 

Calculators, budgets & planners - just enter your figures to reveal your 'magic' numbers :)

Worksheets & questions to fill in as you go, to start discovering how to change your strategy

And video tutorials at every stage, showing you how to use the spreadsheets & the power of the formula in them.


When can I start the course?

You can start as soon as you download, and finish whenever you feel like. 
It's completely self-paced, giving you lots of lovely flexibility :)

How long do I have to access the course?

How does lifetime access sound? Pretty good, right! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any & all devices you own.

I'm not sure if I need this - how do I know?

Well, if you're at all in doubt as to how your charge your clients, then YES! 
This course will be a massive help to you... It walks you through every aspect of getting to your 'magic' numbers, and from there, pricing is easy :)

Is this all done for me?

Um, yes and no!
Yes - all the formula are done for you, the calculators are ready and the course is crammed with information!

But you still have to work! This isn't a course for someone who wants to 'coast' and not put any effort in. The tools are all here for you - but you need to spend the time & energy to ensure you're taking full advantage of all this content given. 

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! I've total faith in all this course offers, so there's also a 10 day guarantee!  

If you show that you implemented the system & did the work to make your business' pricing a priority, but didn't gain any knowledge, I'll gladly refund you. 

Otherwise, the guarantee becomes null & void. You can’t get results from something you don’t do. Sounds fair, right? :)

Pricing Made Easy

So don't delay if:

  • You need proper pricing
  • You want to be confident in what you're charging
  • You want to stop guessing your numbers & know your business better
  • You know you're ready to start making better profits...

...then this is the only course for you!

A little more...

Hey there, I'm Laura Orlando and I'm sharing my 15+ years of photography & strategy experience to help you create a more profitable & happier business.  
With these courses & tools you can create an amazing portfolio, book the clients you want, price for profit, and run a business that makes you smile!